Lantern Artist is an entity enterprise which specializes in designing, manufacturing, as well as exhibition of colorful lanterns. we have our own production factory, responsible and mature team.

Our thoughtful design team

Which can provide you with lantern festival scene design, lantern set design, color scheme, flow line design, and other design services, high-quality design is the key to the success of lantern festival.

Our professional project construction team

We will provide site management personnel for each project, with experience in lighting selection and matching, professional skills in strong and weak current, cost accounting, production experience, exhibition maintenance to follow up the whole production, installation and exhibition process. Perfect control is the guarantee of quality and safety.

A large number of old and new lighting modelling art masters

Through their skillful hands, they injected their understanding and pursuit of art into their works, creating a dreamlike colorful world. Only concentration and dedication can hold up the soul of art.

Our professional lighting control team
We programme the lights to flow, to make it unforgettable.This is like a fairy's magic powder to make the lights alive

Our Lantern Festival is becoming more and more popular in western countries.We have successfully held lantern festivals in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, chongqing, Singapore, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States.

If you need more information, please feel free to contact us. We hope to witness your success with our efforts in the near future.